Kota Marudu

Sabah, Malaysia

Kota Marudu is a town 130km north of KK City or 70km south of Kudat - an alternative gateway to Sandakan through Pitas. This agricultural valley is famed as a corn-growing region that produces the best maize (called 'jagung') in Sabah, but also stocks a diverse variety of local fruits and vegetables including 'Tarap' (wild jackfruit) and coconuts.

Passing through the countryside towards Kudat, visitors will find an abundance of stalls stationed along the main road that sell these products. It's also common to find thick smoke wafting in the air as traders roast whole corn over charcoal beds to make 'Jagung Bakar', a local delicacy. Finally, Kota Marudu is the main gateway to Serinsim Substation.