Teluk Likas

KK, City, Sabah

Likas is an urban district above KK, situated along a wide bay that stretches from Sabah Port near the city up to University Malaysia Sabah at north, a distance over 6km. This region is primarily a residential stronghold but also features a recreational beach and several iconic landmarks in KK. The highest building in Sabah, Menara Tun Mustapha (or Yayasan Sabah), is a 30-storey revolving glass tower at 122 meters high, perched along the coast with a view of the bay. Visitors will also see the city's famous floating mosque on a lagoon along the Likas Highway. Finally, 1Borneo Mall is the largest shopping complex in East Malaysia, situated near the university.
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Hotels around Likas
Grand Borneo Courtyard Hotel Likas Square