Poring Hot Spring Hotel

Ranau, Kinabalu Park

Poring Hot Spring Hotel is the offical accommodation of Poring Hot Springs, a nature reserve at the foothills of Kinabalu Park. Located about 18km away from Ranau town, the resort is managed by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges. Serindit Hostel provides dormitory and twin-sharing rooms for budget accommodation, the most popular choice among visitors staying overnight at the park. Jungle Lodge is a wooden chalet with single bedroom while River Lodge has two bedrooms - both are situated near the park admission entrance. Finally, Palm Villa units provide premier lodging in three bedroom bungalows nestled along a hillslope overlooking the resort grounds. Facilities at the hotel include a restaurant and public swimming pool.
    Number of Rooms: N/A
  • Serindit Hostel (Bunk/Twin Beds)
  • Jungle Lodge (King Bed)
  • River Lodge (Queen + Twin Beds)
  • Palm Villa (King + King + King Bed).
  • Rainforest Restaurant
  • Convenience store
  • Swimming pool.
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